Laura Brummond

Growing up on the Wyoming side of Yellowstone National Park, Laura experienced an adventurous, fit lifestyle from a young age. She obtained her certifications from the American Council on Exercise and is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, fitness nutrition specialist, guest speaker, and has hosted multiple workshops/events throughout the …


Emma Ek

Emma Ek is a 200 hr RYT and Reiki Master. Emma was introduced to the practice of yoga in 2013 when she lived at an Integral Yoga ashram in Virginia as a LYT, living yoga trainnee. Shortly after, she did her YTT at Axis Yoga in Denver with a focus …


Devin Harms

Devin began exploring the benefits of yoga ten years ago and discovered an amazing transformative practice that initially served her from a physical standpoint, but quickly developed into a form of spiritual revival and a deep process of self examination.


Robin Gardner

Robin began practicing yoga to help relieve lower back pain and bring more mobility to her spine. Working through the stiffness to inch her fingers closer to her toes everyday, she quickly learned the power that yoga had on her body. She became addicted to the feeling she received walking …


Christen Rak

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Christen is as an avid horse woman at heart. Starting in 2000, Christen began her other life love of yoga with a deep personal practice in college.  By 2007, she had found her yoga training home, 7 Centers for the Arts, the first yoga studio in …


We offer quite a few classes for your experience and/or level.  Whether you’re just starting or a “veteran”, we welcome you all to join us!  We will be updating this section of our site in the near future, so please check back often. Our classes are currently being taught by …