Happy October Yogis!!!

October Newsletter

Now Accepting Montana Residents in Good Health!


Starting Next Week:
** Astrid is back and will be teaching will be teaching Thursday night Flow and Friday night 26&2.  (Both start at 6pm)  Look for her on the Mind/Body Schedule!
** Tuesday morning 26&2 will now start at 9:30am
** Reminder no more CD classes
** Back to regular pricing (still no 20 packs)

I am letting the schedule fall into place. There are some teacher conflicts and night attendance needs to build, although it would be nice to see a full schedule again. Few questions if you have the time….

  • Do you have any requests?
  • What are the best times for you to attend a workshop and what workshops would you attend?
  • Would you be interested in a Monday night Flow and Meditation Class? 26&2? Monday late afternoon Kundalini?
  • Wednesday evening 26&2? Flow?
  • Are you interested to have a weekly Breathwork and Meditation class or monthly workshop?
  • Would you attend a Wednesday night playshop workshop once a month with Lune?

Please make sure when you walk through these doors you are not only healthy but comfortable!

We are all doing our best, thank you for taking responsibility.  I trust our collective hope is that this studio makes it thru to see the other side.

Please make a concerted effort to be on time :)


“I find it wise to keep in mind that I am practicing for a reason. That there will be a moment when I can make a choice out of my conditioned reactivity or I can make a choice that I have practiced, a choice that reflects my higher aspirations, my core values and beliefs. And I have come to understand that it will matter to me and those I love which choice I make. We practice in good times so that we will have the momentum to practice in the bad ones. We practice when it is easy so that we will practice when it is hard. We practice in a safe, controlled setting so that when it is scary and uncertain we will know what to do. We practice in the light what we wish to remember to do in the dark.”

Rolf Gates


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