Robin Gardner - Yoga Instructor - Mandala Montana

robin-gardnerRobin began practicing yoga to help relieve lower back pain and bring more mobility to her spine. Working through the stiffness to inch her fingers closer to her toes everyday, she quickly learned the power that yoga had on her body. She became addicted to the feeling she received walking away from a class after savasana, as if she were floating down the streets with no stress or tension on her body.

Robin is a Whitefish High graduate, but she didn’t discover her love of yoga until she was in New York City with a world of diverse yoga teachers at her finger tips. It was there that she fell for another component of yoga beyond the physical: the inward sensation of truly finding herself on her mat. The stir of the bustling streets was overwhelming, but yoga taught her to ground herself and find peace within the chaos. Taking her mat with her on her move to San Francisco, Robin was able to study with a whole new world of yoga teachers. But it wasn’t until she was backpacking through South East Asia on her honeymoon that she finally decided to take her love of yoga to the next level. With her husband by her side, she completed a Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour vinyasa flow teacher training in the beautiful bamboo studio, Power of Now Oasis, on a Balinese beachside.

Robin’s approach to teaching yoga mirrors her approach to life: comfortably pushing oneself with killer beats bumping in the background.