Mandala Montana Etiquette Picture

“The difference between the master and the beginner is that the master had failed more times than the beginner has ever tried.”

You never know until you try – in the game of life maybe we’d rather have an “oops” rather than a “what if”, so come on in and give us a shot!

We welcome all – beginners to advanced.  Mandala Montana is a studio where we ask ourselves to come alive, deal with our mind and bodies in constructive ways so as to keep ourselves healthy and young (at least in heart).  If you are new to the studio, please try to arrive early in order to sign necessary paperwork and to orient yourself with the studio.

We have mats, towels and water – all free of charge – but you will want to bring all of those if you have them.  Lighter clothing is suggested in a hot studio.  Each day/practice you do what you can with what you have; some days we can do the whole practice, others we have to rest a lot.  It is an open space for you to do what you need. (AHIMSA – non-violence to self and others)

Things to consider…calm codes to follow:

small logoPlease take your shoes off downstairs.

small logoSign in and pay if needed. (Please be honest and true in your payments; Christen is a very giving person but she also needs to run a business.  Any issues with your account must be taken care of directly with her.  The other openers/teachers do not have the admin access she has, so feel free to call or email her anytime if there are problems or you need financial assistance).  Our packages do have expiration dates.  (SATYA/APARIGRAHA – truthfulness/non-greed)

small logoWe’d rather you PRACTICE than SKIP, so leaving early and arriving late is OK, but not desirable, and more disrespectful to some teachers than others.  If you are late, please be quiet and respectful as you enter class and remember to sign in.  Get to know your teachers, we are here to help and accommodate you.

small logoWe do our best in the morning to open 15 minutes prior to class, and at night, 30 minutes prior to class.  The studio will remain open up to 30 minutes after class; if you need more time, please talk with your instructor.  Please remember, your instructors also have to continue on with their day/night.  When massage therapists are here, you usually needn’t worry much with the time factor.  There are times however when they may not be able to allocate further time.

small logoWe get hot and sweaty and for the most part as a yoga community, we do a GREAT job of keeping our physical bodies clean so our aromas don’t affect the practice of others.  We do live in Montana, a place of grit and activity, so it is something to be aware of.  If you feel the need, there are showers you may use prior to class and after.  (BRAHMACHARYA – non-excess)

small logoIf you borrow or have borrowed anything from the studio, please return it/them.  NO STEALING. (ASTEYA– non-stealing)

small logoHydrating well with water and electrolyte-based drinks prior to and after class really helps keep you functioning at your best.

small logoThank you for your time and we hope you enjoy your experience!